Audio Demos

Here below you will be able to discover my audio demos.

All these audio files are the ones that you can expect to receive, and are given without any additional treatment so you are free to adapt them as you might need.


Corporate recordings / Narrative recordings :

Corportate recording for COMPASS ZYTO :


Recording for a radio :


Narrative recording :


Narrative recording for cooking :



Ads :

Ad for WP PROTEC :


AD for MICRO H :




Dictionnaries :


Elearning :


Voice mail :

Sample of voice mail :

Voice mail for SWECO :

Voice mail for SFR :


Funny voice :

Recording for a TV ad speaking like a horse :


Youtube recording :

A recording where I had to act as a Youtuber :


Recording in English :

Here is a sample of my voice in English :


Recording in Spanish :

Recording for a wine documentary :

Another recording in Spanish :