More about me

I am a French voice-over professional with a wide range of experience doing voice-over jobs.

I believe doing voice-over is an art in itself. I am in tune with this art and offer various forms of voice-over services ranging from TV and radio commercials, narrations, corporate videos, educational audios or videos and so on. I am fluent in English, French, and Spanish. As such, I can easily interchange these languages to suit your needs. If you want English with a slight French accent or Spanish with a slight French accent, then I am your go-to guy. My services are reasonably priced and bespoke quality. If you would like to hear firsthand what my voice sounds like, don’t hesitate to send an email to the address displayed here. When sending this email, be sure to indicate relevant info like some words of the text, type of recording you want, the text to be recorded in the language you want me to record and other information that you think is important.

With over 5 years of experience, my work as a voice-over artist is professional and error-free. I can answer all your voice-overs needs because my voice-over services are reliable, efficient and of high-quality. You’ll be able to get voice-overs for videos, audiobooks, ads, commercials, movies, video games, commercials, e-learning presentations, and more. My home studio has high quality equipment, so I will be able to record your texts without any errors or defects. My work is transparent and void of commissions, hidden fees or royalties. With me, all recording rights belong solely to you, and you have the right to use the voiceover wherever and however you like.

If you’re seeking a fresh, edgy and dynamic French male voice for you voice-over needs, then I am the one for you. I have had numerous clients and projects over the years and have successfully built a wonderful clientele and skills. Although most voice-over companies might want to optimize their work by attempting to save money on their jobs, I ensure that I put in the very best of my resources in making your work (and money) worth it. I don’t do my jobs on a budget. Instead, professionalism radiates in my work due to the top quality voice-overs I present.


Whether you are an ad/film/T.V. director, a corporate professional, an online tutor or a museum manager, a time comes when voice-over artists will be needed to convey your message to your audience (sometimes both in the original language and in translation). Relying on a competent and professional voice-over artist is essential in ensuring that your content is adequately communicated to your target audience. There are many elements voice-over artists need to master such as pitch, intonation, voice empathy modulation, clarity and so on.
The good news is, I have successfully mastered these set of skills. I am fluent in Spanish, English, and French. I have a versatile, dynamic voice that will be able to impart any audience with any niche. Taking advantage of my talents might be just what you need to power that message to the next level. I can handle a variety of styles, content base and genres. You can check out some audio samples of my work on this website, just to give you an idea of what you can expect.


I am an expert voice-over specialist that offers numerous audio services like radio commercials, voice mail, business telephone on-hold messages, audio narration, in-store announcer, podcasts, e-learning, audio books, event audio guides, explained voice and so on. My skill set is diverse, and I can handle pretty much any voice-over job. All you have to do is say the word. Audio samples of my work can be found on this website. Listening to them, you can hear the versatility in each of the different messages. You don’t have to worry about these voice recordings sounding alike because I manipulate my voice to suit each specific job.
I do rigorous sound processing, auditing and editing to create top audio quality. Many things fall into at when I’m doing my voice over recordings. I take into consideration, factors like room acoustics, strip noises and I also utilize good mics and preamps to make sure the quality of my work isn’t substandard.
Additionally, I do audio editing and can create custom sounds. I am multilingual and can offer translations in English, Spanish and French.



My media work covers voice-overs for video game animations and video commercials for new business launch. I am also able to cover a variety of categories such as
• TV and radio commercials
• Tutorial videos
• Corporate videos
• Video games
• Narrations
• Podcasts
• Educational videos or audios
• In-store or company announcements
• Website tours
• Voicemail greetings and IVR
• Phone messages
• E-learning
And much more…
I can make announcements for various occasions like talk shows, award shows, promo and sporting events. I also specialize in doing narrations for audio books, explainer videos, business videos, documentaries, educational videos, medical videos and audio tour guides.
Additionally, I can perform in short animated videos, video games, foreign language dubbing (Spanish, English, and French) and ADR. I am involved in continuity (the voice you hear in between TV programs).
I am a versatile performer who will be able to weave interchangeably between any of the elements above. As long as I have the message text, and do a little research on my part relating to the message, I can handle the media.

Voice talent

My voice talent comes in a crisp, clear, warm style that sounds confident, positive, dependable and influential. My services are geared towards any project you can think of. I have a fresh, middle-aged voice that blends smoothly into any message. Although I am of French heritage, I can also do recordings in English (with a very subtle French accent you almost won’t notice) and Spanish (with almost no accent whatsoever because since this is also my mother tongue). I can do a recording in any of these languages, without no surcharges!
My voice is warm, smooth and neatly spoken. It all depends on the certain job you want. If you want macho, rustic voice for a men’s cologne ad, for example, I can dish that out. Or if you want a more sultry tone for a chocolate commercial, that can also be arranged! The possibilities are endless. I like to explore various forms of work that comes my way. Don’t hesitate to info me on what exactly it is you want, and if you would like to check out some of my audio demos, they are available on the website as well.
Voice actor
After you’ve created that perfect message, you will need a competent voice to deliver if you want to pass the message in the most articulate manner possible. Professionalism and efficiency is key to relaying that message for proper understanding by listeners. That’s where a great voice actor comes in. Casting me as your voice actor will be the best decision you ever make. Not only does my voice sound professional, but I can also fine-tune it to blend into any context or situation. My voice is volatile and can suit any form of presentation, narration or commercial. If you would like audio to be used on an online platform such as YouTube, I can also make it happen. I am open for both long-term and short-term projects. If you have an exact need, kindly feel free to contact me.


Professional voice

If the recorded telephone message of your brand does not suit your company’s image, or your customer service voice prompts sounds quite robotic, that can easily be fixed here at my studi. I make sure that your callers and audience within your professional environment have the impression that your brand is friendly and warm. I deliver the kind of voice-overs that will help improve your brand image and are perfectly lined up with your business brand and story.
My success in the world of voice-overs company is not only due to the quality of my work but also because of the approach to work and my attitude and treatment to clients. It doesn’t matter if it’s a television or radio commercial, a video game character, an in-store announcement or even some menu options for a computer/phone system. When you require voice work done with speed and efficiency, my service is what you need. I put my heart and soul into making every project I undertake, the very best it can be.


Voice acting

Would you like an emphatic audio narration for your videos? Do you want a graphical tutorial video with an intelligent-sounding voice-over? I can provide great voice acting for any gig you desire. From ads to podcasts, e-learning projects, audio books, mobile apps and website tours, I offer voice-over services for any field you can think of.
I have an easily interchangeable voice that blends in with any niche, situation or narrative ranging from tech to business. I have the kind of voice that people would want to listen to. Animative, emphatic, professional and calm. Whatever you want me to « be », I’ll be it.

Voice over talent

Doing voice-over work is a talent to be mastered on its own. Many things go into play when I do my recordings. The quality of my recordings is dependent on the context with which they are being used. For example, I understand that voice speed is very crucial to the success of any advertisement. Listeners can’t absorb a message that is pronounced too fast. Listeners will lose interest in a message delivered too slow. My experienced voice talent (with a slight French accent) makes voice-overs with proper and clear pronunciation and intonations. My voice-over talent will suit any field from entertainment to education and instruction. I can practically do voice-overs for any subject.

High quality

With over three years of voice-over recording experience, I have served hundreds of clients with great quality voice-overs. I ensure that everything falls into place in my work from the intonations, the pronunciation, pitch, modulation, and clarity. I pay attention to every detail and work to satisfy all your needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. I also do occasional quality control for my voice-overs to ensure its efficiency. I use topnotch software to automate voice-over production. My studio quality will ensure you get the best work for your money. The top quality of my studio helps me offer a full range of services that you can easily keep track of. I am dedicated to combining high tech sound technology in my studio with experienced, efficient voice talent. I offer fast delivery, affordable and high-quality voice over services to all my clients.

Recording studio

I am an independent voice-over artist with a professionally-built home-based studio. I am dedicated to combining high tech sound technology in my studio with experienced, efficient voice talent.
Why DO you need a voice-over artist with a professional studio?
Well, you could easily plug a mic into your computer. But it doesn’t make a lot of sense recording your own sales videos, telephone messaging, or radio commercials. Besides, you wouldn’t paint your company’s billboard poster. Nor will you camcorder your national TV ad. Quality and image are that important! Contrary to popular belief, doing your voice over yourself will cost you great technical quality. So, rather than using a random microphone to do your recording, you could hire me instead. I will treat your work with utmost care, using the topnotch technology in my cutting edge studio to provide exactly what you need.
My recording studio has the proper engineering and calibrations to accommodate any voice-over job. Everything in my studio will ensure you get the best quality for your money. From the computers to the microphone system and the software settings used, every recording is finished up in the best way possible.